Techstile™ Masques Benefits

The Techstile™ Masques revolutionary science behind Nannette de Gaspé’s face and body masques works deeply and continuously to help you reveal your beautiful, youthful self. The Techstile™ Masques revolutionary technology finally offers women a truly delicate experience as well as immediate results without the need for surgery or the other intrusive approaches that women have been limited to. Nannette has wholeheartedly invested herself into bringing this unique technology and its restorative secret to women all around the world. BIA Best Indie Beauty Brand Winner

She is passionate about making this regimen available through her eponymous brand, Nannette de Gaspé.


Empowered by revolutionary technologies, we have developed a breakthrough delivery system that allows for micro penetration of active ingredients through the multiple layers of the epidermis. The Techstile™ Masques technology not only allows for a deeper penetration, but also allows for a more continual release of actives vs. other delivery systems.


Traditional emulsions bring very short-term hydration to the skin as dry and harsh environmental conditions cause the water in the applied formulation to rapidly evaporate. These actives quickly lose their virtues due to air-induced oxidization and degradation, and do not contribute to improving the skin’s condition.

With our technology, humidity, temperature, pH or natural body movements can serve as trigger elements for the diffusion of our actives. They gradually penetrate the multiple layers of the epidermis, thereby eliminating surface saturation, loss, or damage of the actives by environmental factors. The homogeneous release of the ingredients is sustained for a period of 6 to 8 hours beyond the contact period.


Because of our waterless dry masque technology, our formulation includes 87% of powerful age renewal active ingredients and emollients that hydrate and nourish the skin. Learn More


MISS de GASPÉ promises to create the most innovative and astonishing lifestyle beauty products that you can use on your terms. Our goal is to develop products that are superbly effective, easy to use, and as natural as possible without compromising performance. From category-bending dry masks to your non-traditional beauty junky must-haves, MISS de GASPÉ delivers extreme results with a cocktail of products designed just for you.

These deeply nourishing dry masks help in the achievement of incredible skincare results by incorporating a break-through ingredient delivery system (BMVTM), waterless technology, and a high concentration of active and natural ingredients in its collection of multi-use face masks. The micro penetration of active ingredients is absorbed more deeply into the epidermis and continues to release nourishment to the outer layers of the skin for 6-8 hours following use, thus repairing, treating, and restoring the skin from the inside out. Learn More

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