SELPHYL® Non Surgical Facelift

SELPHYL® Non Surgical Facelift is a patented system for the safe and rapid preparation of Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM), a proven technology that Dr. Suzanne Mady is using to correct the effects of aging skin. Dr. Suzanne Mady collects a small volume of blood from the patient and through a patented process, separates and concentrates the patients own platelets and fibrin into a matrix. The resulting PRFM can be applied to a treatment area of the face or body to stimulate cell proliferation which promotes the increase of volume and rejuvenation of the skin through a process of targeted tissue re-generation.

As soon as PRFM is administered, growth factors are released into the skin through a sustained mechanism. It is thought that it treats a root cause of skin aging by triggering the production of new cells and collagen. Significant effects occur approximately three weeks after the administration of SELPHYL®. Many patients have enjoyed visible improvement and regeneration with long lasting effects.

SELPHYL® is administered by Dr. Suzanne Mady in a procedure that takes approximately 1 hour. As a stand-alone therapy, Dr. Suzanne Mady recommends 3 treatments 4-6 weeks apart and results should last up to 18 months. However, Dr. Mady will determine the best treatment approach. Together, you and Dr. Suzanne Mady may decide if SELPHYL® prepared PRFM is right for you.

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