Juvederm Volite skinbooster is the latest range of hyaluronic acid skinbooster launched by Juvederm. It is an innovative hyaluronic acid product designed to improve skin hydration, skin elasticity, and nourish the skin from the inside out for up to 9 months.

The Juvederm Volite skinbooster involves a series of micro-injections of long-lasting hyaluronic acid throughout the skin area. The treatment area is first applied with an anaesthetic cream. After considerable anaesthesia has set in, detailed injections of the product using ultra-fine needles are done to ensure correct depth placement of the product throughout the skin. Juvederm Volite is made up of hyaluronic acid molecules mildy cross-linked through the patented Vycross Technology. It absorbs water, and brings deep hydration to the treated area, as well as conferring elasticity, glow, and firmness.

Individuals who experience dry skin, fine lines, fine wrinkles, and mild skin laxity on their face, neck and back of hands can benefit from this procedure. Those with good skin who want to preserve their youthful looks may also consider Juvederm Volite as a preventative treatment against skin ageing.

The procedure will take around 15-30 minutes, depending on the areas injected. The longer part is the preparation phase of the procedure. The patient will have her face cleansed before application of an anesthetic cream on the intended treatment regions for 45 minutes. Subsequently, the anesthetic cream will be removed and the face cleaned and disinfected before commencement of the procedure.

Downtime mostly consists of injection marks. These marks will resolve over the next 1-3 days, and patients can choose to conceal them if needed.

Common side effects are related to the site of injection, and these include bruising, redness, swelling, and tenderness. Longer term side effects like infection at treatment sites is usually a failure to adhere to proper sterile procedural techniques and rules. This happen occasionally in the news when injectable procedures are done in facial salons or spas, making it an unsafe and wrongly administered treatment. This is why we always emphasis the need to only do this procedure with qualified practitioner in a reputable clinic environment.

There are a number of precautions one should take note of, including:

  • a concurrent illness
  • a concurrent skin infection
  • if you are taking any medications that increase your risk of bleeding
  • if you are taking any immunosuppressive medications


Juvederm Volite has shown to be able to improve skin hydration and elasticity and maintain them up to 9 months.

Most patients see an observable improvement in the quality of their skin after one treatment. To maintain the result, a repeat treatment may be done in 6 months.


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