Dr Suzanne Mady is using Juvéderm® VOLUX with phenomenal results.It has been designed to restore and create volume in the chin and jaw. DEFINING THE LOWER FACE SHAPE. Volux is here and will use the same Vycross Technology used by Volbella and Voluma. This new filler will allow patients to improve the chin and jaw contours, offering facial definition that can last for up to 2 years.The power of sculpting the face without invasive plastic surgery has been revolutionary for filler enthusiasts who can change their appearance this way.

The jawline and chin have been one of the most popular areas after lips and cheeks that patients want to reshape and improve. A sharper, taut jawline offers youthful beauty and sharp looks.

Genetics and environmental factors can contribute to how our lower face ages. The soft tissue and bone structure, as well as facial expressions can mean loss of definition over the years. Hyaluronic acid in fillers like Volux, means that we can replenish the power, strength and plumpness within our jawlines again. It’s increasingly important for many women, to have clear definition between the neck area and the chin. When the two start to amalgamate into one, it can create a saggy tired jowl-look that makes us look older than we really are. Definition is extremely important when it comes to facial attributes. When 70% of the population care about their looks, it’s easy to see why attractiveness is a high priority for many.

Juvederm products have been changing the lives of millions for over a decade. Being able to sculpt the jawline will mean another clever product for many portfolios worldwide.Learn more https://www.tatler.com/article/allergan-launches-its-most-innovative-facial-filler-yet